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We take pride in our ability to be a Single Source Supplier while delivering quality products on time every time at competitive prices whereby eliminates all your hassles of purchasing from many different sources.

Our GOAL is to fufill each customer’s needs by understanding their products, operations and requirements to provide a Complete Packaging Solution.
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Jumbo Bag
Jumbo Bag
Silica Gel
Silica Gel
Compressed Wood Pallet
Compressed Wood Pallet
Dunnage Bag
Dunnage Bag
Container Lashing
Container Lashing
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Our Products Range from A to Z 1. Dunnage Air Bags 2. Slipsheets / Pull & Push 3. Biopalet System ( Palletless System) 4. Container Lashing/ Buckle/ Tensioner. 5. Container Desiccants. 6. Presswood, Paper, plastic Pallets. 7. Silica Gel 8. Zerust VCI 9. Shock & tilt watch. 10.ALL TYPES OF PACKING MACHINERIES.
Brand Name : ISO     9001     ISO     14001
Address : 46, Lorong IKS Bukit Tengah,
Taman IKS Bukit Tengah,
14000 Bukit Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone : (604) 508 4966
Fax : (604) 508 4930
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