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   (6019) 669 1575
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Dynmet Engineering Sdn Bhd is a 2nd tier metal contract manufacturing company. Offering a complete supply solution to Malaysian manufacturers and the construction industry. Our highly energised people are committed to our clients and finding the solution to their needs. The Dynmet Engineering Sdn Bhd Service doesn’t end when your metal components are delivered – it marks the beginning of a reliable, supply chain partnership. Our commitment to serving the industry has led to supply partnerships in almost every manufacturing & construction sector.


Partnership – ‘The joining together of two parties, utilizing the strengths of one another and working towards a common goal’ Our partnership approach to contract manufacturing means that we believe in forming alliances with our clients and working with them to achieve their goals and expectations. We aim to be consistently in sync with our customer’s product development, in order to provide components and assemblies according to their specifications and time frames. We work together to ensure every aspect of the procurement and manufacturing processes are communicated, understood and controlled through strategic planning and the exchange of information.

As an integral partner in our clients’ operations, we do not want to be merely a voice on the phone or a name in an email. It is important to us that we develop an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements, goals & challenges so as to offer the level of service that we believe customers deserve. Our impressive record of customer retention is a great testimony to our commitment to partnerships that last the test of time.



 Bending and Forming
     We employ cutting-edge Metal Bending, Folding & Forming for the efficient production of brackets and components.

 Laser cutting service
     We offer fiber laser cutting service. our team work with you to determine which of these capabilities best suits the requirement. 
     Guaranteeing a flawless and economical result.

 Component Design
     All our sales and technical team are shop-floor trained and able to assist you with the design and development of your parts.

 Repetition fabrication and Welding
    Our entire operation optimizes high speed production runs, repetitive fabrication and MIG and TIG welding services.

 Precision machining
    We have the facilities to supply large quantities of precision machined components & thread rolled parts to a diverse range of industries across       


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