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In the industrial development of the 'Logfisher' Timber Harvester, Logfisher International Sdn. Bhd. has teamed up with Japan makers to produce a new improved version of the Log Series Excavator Base Hydraulic Forest Harvesting Machine. It's customized and improved feature provides stability and power to perform a range of standard harvesting operations especially winching of logs from the forest in all directions and terrains for both natural and plantation forests.

'Logfisher' winch system is independently designed, developed and comprises of the latest technology utilizing two independent axial piston hydraulic motor with reduction. This winch system is highly effective for winching logs from the forest over 300 meters. The boom and arm are reinforced and constructed from high tensile steel plate with professional welding certified to ISO 9956-1 by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. The structure are able to withstand repeated log winching, excavation and lifting works. The arm which also acts as a pivot during the winching process is fitted with a heavy duty bucket to perform digging operation, and combined with a pair of grappler can undertake the tasks of loading and stacking of logs. 

The brand new Log series base body has a rugged upper structure and has been engineered with advanced CAD analysis to achieve rigid and stress relieving mainframe. It also has a tough rigid lower frame whereby thicker steel plate has been used in the car body to boost X -- section strength, as well as in the crawler frame, to increase its rigidity and to improve durability and strength to cope with the heavier attachment during winching, excavation and lifting operation. The reinforced, heavier lower frame creates a lower center of gravity and in combination with a longer rear radius provide utmost stability for winching, digging and lifting operation as featured in the 'Logfisher'. 



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