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Cosmos Frame Type Hydraulic Press

Cosmos Frame Type Hydraulic Press
Product Feature

- Welded strong frame body made of high quality integral steel plate ensures high rigidity under high pressure;

- Pressing force stroke of movable working table and time of pressing force holding can be easily adjusted according to the need of applications;

- With different models, upper and lower knocking-out ejectors and cushions can be equipped with and used for knocking-out work piece after pressing and shallow drawing;

- Short pressing force building time allows higher production efficiency;

- Lower oil tank design makes more compact machine overall dimension and easies clean of the tank;

- With high operating reliability and less trouble as a result of more than ten years improvement.



- Stamping, forming, shallow drawing, die spotting, moulding and blanking etc. of metal or none metal parts;
- Well suitable for pressing and forming of watch &clock parts, spectacle, photo frame, metal ornaments, lock parts, auto parts and hardware etc.

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