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Domino Automatic Stairclimbers

Domino Automatic Stairclimbers

DOMINO Automatic is the stair climbing trolley that allows any load to be carried safely: with DOMINO, a single operator can carry loads on all sorts of stairs and surfaces.

The numerous qualities that distinguish the stair climbing trolley designed and produced by Zonzini certainly include the safety and practicality of automatic load balancing.


DOMINO Automatic is inseparably linked to the concept of safety:

Safety of the load carried (even when heavy and bulky).

Safety of personnel in charge of transport (with DOMINO Automatic, only one operator is needed).

Safety for the space where you work (the crawler tracks are designed not to ruin stairs and floors).


Stability is important for both the load and the operator.

It is a decisive factor in reducing risk during transport.

Generally, with traditional stair climbing trolleys, the operator has to be extremely careful when moving the trolley towards the next step, since a continuous and challenging interaction between man and machine is required.

DOMINO Automatic, instead, makes transport easier for the operator: the trolley remains upright, without requiring the operator to keep the load balanced. In fact, balancing is guaranteed, since the trolley constantly rests on several steps; in addition, you can activate the automatic adjustment of the load surface, making transport easier than ever.

Thanks to this innovation by Zonzini, narrow landings can also be reached safely. By choosing DOMINO Automatic, there is no need for the operator to keep the load balanced at each step, as is the case with other systems.

DOMINO Automatic ensures maximum freedom for the operator who no longer needs to actually balance the load on the stairs and can simply stop at any time. The operator will find that DOMINO Automatic is an exceptional ally, which provides support in handling loads of any type and weight, also thanks to the handy joystick that allows for quick and easy manoeuvring.

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