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Epoxy Self Levelling System

Epoxy Self Levelling System

A self smoothening, seamless epoxy resin based on advanced solvent-free epoxy system and selected graded fillers. The cured floor exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion and finishes to a smooth, impervious surface which can be easily maintained in a hygienic condition. The system can also be an anti-static where it helps to discharges static charges. Applied thickness 1-3 mm.


  • Attractive - Light reflectance appearance.
  • Hygienic - Seamless & hygienic finish, no crevices where dirt and bacteria can dwell. Easy to clean & sterilize, low maintenance requirement.
  • Range of colours - Enhance working environment.
  • Food grade - Non solvent and taint free formulation.
  • Hard wearing - Good abrasion resistance with stands foots and light vehicular traffic.


  • Suitable for use in areas where a durable, cleanable, chemically resistant floor surface is required without the attended risks of static build-up.
  • Typical areas for are dry process manufacturing, packaging and warehousing subjected to intensive wheeled & forklift traffic.


We also supply Epoxy Paint for DIY purpose ;

  • Solvent-based Epoxy Paint
  • Water-based Epoxy Paint

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