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Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting

Crane & Heavy Lifting Arrangements

At Metro Logistics Sdn Bhd we have various heavy lift crane equipment rental that is available for use for your business across various industries.
Some of the types of heavy lift machinery and equipment we have for hire includes:

-Forklift (From 3 ton to 20 ton)
-Portable lift (For Indoor and outdoor use)
-Scissor lift (Up to 40 ft)
-Scaffolding and aerial platforms (aluminium scaffolding, 20 feet and more)
-Boom Lift (Telescopic and electric)
-Skylift and other lifting machinery

In general lifting equipment can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, elevators, cranes and overhead hoisting and lifting systems which comprises of different structures.

Light and small lifting equipment mainly includes lifting blocks, spreaders, jacks, manual hoists, electric hoists and ordinary winches, most of which are small in size, light in weight and easy to use.

Except for electric hoists and winches, most of them are driven by human power and are suitable for occasions where work is not too heavy. They can be used alone or in some cases as lifting mechanisms for cranes.

Some light and small lifting equipment have a large lifting capacity, such as the hydraulic jack has a lifting capacity of 750 tons.

The lifts are mainly used for vertical or near vertical lifting movements with fixed lifting paths, including elevators, lifting platforms, mine hoists and hopper elevators.

A crane is a multi-action lifting device that vertically lifts and transports heavy objects horizontally within a certain range.

Speak to our customer service representative today via email or phone call to request for the specific type of lift equipment you are looking to rent now.

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