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Industrial Relocation

Industrial Relocation

Factory and Plant Relocation

The relocation of a factory is a test of the professionalism and strength of an experienced factory relocation company. Only a professional relocation company like Metro Logistics Sdn Bhd with a strong comprehensive strength can handle all the specific issues concerning the relocation of a factory – no matter what size the factory may be.

In general, the business scope of Metro Logistics includes most of the business scope of a typical mover company. We strive to provide our clients to solve the various problems encountered during the factory relocation process should they arise.

Large-scale factory relocation involves the moving and transportation of many items such as heavy machinery and equipments, so the relocation of large-scale factories is even more inconvenient. The packaging of mechanical equipment, processing machines and other items of the factory is crucial for safe transport during the factory relocation process.

In the process of relocating your factory, we deploy our professionally-trained staff to carry out the job that are skilled in packaging, demolition, and removal of relocation equipment. Our staff are also experienced and knowledgeable and trained in moving heavy and specialised machinery as well as are familiar with our relocation transportation fleet. In addition, our employees are also trained to behave appropriately, provide good client service, use civilized and standardized language, and create a good working atmosphere.

Because one of the most important aspect of a factory relocation is packaging machinery, equipment and other supplies, if the packaging is not performed up to standard, then these plant equipment, machinery, and other factory supplies may be damaged during the process of relocation, not to mention during transportation. In particular, the packaging of fragile items is also crucial as the packaging work may even directly affect the quality of the entire factory relocation project. At Metro Logistics, we ensure that your items and products safety is intact.

Our aim as a professional factory relocation company is to establish long-term and close business relationships with our clients from various industries and to support our customers move smoothly. There are a limited number of companies in Malaysia that can relocate factories especially large-scale factories. Metro Logistics is one of the main factory relocation companies that have strong capabilities, cooperative teams, and employees to avoid unnecessary losses during relocation.

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