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Machines and Factory Removal

Machines and Factory Removal

Knowing ‘how’ is the most crucial thing when moving a machine. With the right equipment and the experienced workers, Metro Log istics can move your machines in a safer and cost effective manner without scarifying much of your production downtime. In the event you need to re-align your production lines internally, we can even propose to relocate the machines lines by using “Aero Castor” without dismantling the wiring and conveyors!

No job is too small or too big for us. We can even arrange our crew to handle an internal shifting of a small piece of QA equipment up to relocate an entire factory. If you think you need someone to assist you in moving, let us handle for you.

When you have contracted the factory removal jobs to us, leave your headache to us and we will handle it A to Z for you. We will remove the machines from your factory, crate it up (if necessary), arrangement for crane or forklift for loading onto truck, transport to your desired destination, unloading, unpacking and moving to the allocated positioning. We will also position the base-plate, alignment pad, leveling and setting the machines at the right place. Our in-house ironwork and welder can even conduct the mounting and bolting for the machines. In some incident, when the entrance or the passage of the building is too narrow for moving of machine, we will arrange to dismantle the partitions, hacking the wall and re install them back after the removal jobs.

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