Eonmetall Systems Sdn Bhd
Eonmetall Systems Sdn Bhd (360239-H)

Lot 1258 & 1259, MK12, Jalan Seruling, Kawasan Perusahaan Valdor, 14200 Sungai Bakap, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Tel  :  (604) 582 8323
Fax  :  (604) 582 1525

Rack Supported Warehouse

Rack Supported Warehouse

Today's advanced technology enables us to create pre-engineered steel structures that fit into a great range of applications and designs. These pre-fabricated steel structures can be quickly installed and can be ready to use almost instantly.

Eonmetall's research and development team appreciates and fully explored the durability, strength and economic values of steel structures. Years of research, development and constant refinement have enabled Eonmetall offering the construction of steel building. This is particularly helpful for companies that look for building flexibility in this rapidly changing market. Gone are the days of many waiting months for a new manufacturing facility to be set up. The speed of setting up the steel building manufacturing facility is poised to be the reliable, fast and economical building of tomorrow, helping companies saving up to millions of dollars from poor logistics and staying ahead of the competitors. 

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