About Us

     Having been in the business for 18 years as a print and online business content platform, Infopages possesses the experience and judgement to determine the most effective form of product advertising. Our strong business content also provides the most direct interaction between companies and clients.

     Infopages is a team of more than 50 dedicated individuals who are constantly working on different modes of dissemination. In this era of digital technology, our well-established online search platform ensures that the business content provided is accurate and reliable, dissemination is smooth and the system is constantly updated so as to deliver a seamless and interactive experience for clients. On the other hand, our circulation team would adhere to the effective strategy of direct distribution. Areas of distribution include the various industrial and commercial districts in West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

    In addition, to achieve maximum efficacy, direct mail would be sent to the procurement departments of large-scale factories in West Malaysia. Besides participating in events within Malaysia, we would also be participating in more major high-quality exhibitions in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore in the New Year. Our goal is to attain extensive dissemination of business content via diversified channels.

     Infopages has achieved continuous support from more than 85% of our clients since its inauguration 17 years ago. This is the best testament of our clients’ confidence and faith in the services and platform that we provide. In the years to come, in both good and bad times, we would stay true to our business motto, “Sincere commitment, outstanding service, long-term cooperation, win-win collaboration”, provide a platform for our clients, expand their businesses and create more market opportunities!


Our Mission and Vision

  • Strengthen our client's business growth and opportunities
  • Maximise the advertising synergy and visibility
  • Create greater usability among business operators
  • Provide higher interaction among market players
  • Continue searching the most comprehensive information to business communities while ensuring data integrity