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AE gives you dollar-for-dollar value that offers Best QualityProduct, Design, and System at a very competitive rate and contribute with full professional experiences for the customer�s demand & as the counter part to enhance the product quality & improve the product to ultimate standard. We have made our presence felt in the segment of Electronics Industries, Production Industries, Wafer Production Industries, Hospital Drug and Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing Industries, Biotechnology or Tissue Culture, Medical and Education Institutions and etc.

Our system design is approved and complied with Germany�s RWTUV CERT EN ISO-9001 and received EN50091-1 Compliance Standard on Low Voltage Directive and EN50091-2 Compliance standard on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

AEWholly owned Malaysia Company offering a wide range of specialist skill and experience in almost all the well known of power system devices. We are pleased to introducing our range of products that you may require by your production nowadays needs as per below items: -


• Clean Power System (IUPS, Industries
  Uninterruptible Power Supply).
  For Extreme Application.
• UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from the 
  range of 600VA to 1000KVA and AVR (Automatic
  Voltage Regulator) from 600VA to 1000KVA.
• Stability Control System (IAVR, Industries 
  Automatic Voltage Regulator)
• DC Power Supply, Hi Power Electroplating 
  Rectifier Power Supply
• Frequency Converter 50Hz-400Hz
  (for Airport, Military Defense, Factory & etc.)
• Battery Charger and Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA)
• Dc Converter, Ac Inverter, Power Line Conditioner,
  Surge Protector and Lightning Protector.
• Step Up or Step Down (Energy Saver 
  Transformer with the higher efficient 
  performance & Upgrade with power protection 




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