Autoplus Industry Supply
Autoplus Industry Supply (PG-0064740-M)

No. 18, Jalan Industri Alma, Kawasan Industri Alma, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel  :  (604) 551 1952
Fax  :  (604) 551 1950

We set up our factory on 12th November 1999. Although we are new, we are skilful and experienced as we are in this line at least for fifteen years. The main products we produce are rubber sheet, rubber foot, rubber mic holder, rubber cushion, rubber O-ring, EVA Gasket, Cork Foot,Gasket, Adhesive tape,Hemilon felt, Velvet, for telephone, wireless telephone, movable telephone,calculator, computer, monitor, speaker rubber foot,and desk-type electronics products and Automotive Rubber products.

Our Objective and Commitment to Excellence

Our objectives are to strive to excel and update ourselves continuously so that we could provide high quality and reliable products and services to our customers. With our years of experience, expertise and commitment to excellence, we have expanded our business and offering wide range of products.

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