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Perhaps you have never noticed the little paper core inside your roll of toilet paper, but in 1976, the seemingly weak toilet paper core had been the main economic pillar of Far East Paper Products. Since then, we have known absolutely not to underestimate any small details, especially the importance of small parts.As Malaysia's first paper core manufacturer, we initially started off with low-end type of products like the toilet paper core.

However, by 1988, when the new management successfully took over Far East Paper Products, we initiated a comprehensive reform of product and service upgrades. From a single product, we developed three new product lines for industrial use, and began manufacturing high-end paper cores, paper bobbins and paper drums. Among all products, seamless core and polished core have the highest quality requirements.

Far East Paper Products had become the leading paper product manufacturer in the Malaysian market at that time. At the same time, we have also successfully added consumer packaging product and advertising material in our product list.

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