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Born and rise in Kuala Lumpur in 1986 – J.R. AUTO OIL SEALS SDN. BHD. is a company and manufacturer selling a variety of oil seals and automotive spare parts products, conducting by Company Leader, Mr. Goh and Mr. Lee. Back in year 2003, J.R. AUTO OIL SEALS SDN. BHD. took its small steps in reforming its management structure and expanded its office to a building in Titian Waris Business Park.

Initially appointed as seal representative for world renowned brands that included JRS, JRST, POS, KOS, NOK, CORTECO, NACTEC, PARKER, MUSASHI, HST, VALQUA, KOYO, CR, SAKAGAMI, ARS, DLI, NDK, DPH and so on, has since diversified its business operations to include the manufacture of a wide variety of seals for automotive and mechanical applications.


We take pride in offering oil seals products for more than 30 years, is deeply committed for producing and distributing a multitude range of seals. These products are important for all automotive and mechanical applications. We are honored to be supplier for most companies in nationwide. In the turn of 80 century, entrepreneur, Mr Goh, started his career as an oil seals sales representative, had found out that the oil seals market were monopolized by most distributors in Malaysia. This phenomenon had inspired him to operate business in oil seals industry.

In 1986, best friends and entrepreneurs, Mr. Goh and Mr. Lee started a business in a small office and warehouse in Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur. With a strong believe on the growth of the business, J.R. AUTO OIL SEALS SDN. BHD. takes “Customers’ Demand” above everything else. Therefore, we constantly strive to make our customers more successful – delivering them the RIGHT products with RIGHT price in the RIGHT time. By 1997, the company had facing a global financial crisis and suffered from downturn of economic. However, we strived for the respect and trust of all customers and business partners, we paid all payments on time and to make sure all delivery were sent on time. Invariably, we has gained a high compliment and reputation among business partners and recognized for excellent in quality and services. In 2001, we were moving to a new and modern premise in the Titian Waris Business Park, as now work as headquarter of J.R. Group. J.R. Group expanded oversea to Beijing, China in 2003 with the goal of building a global brand name and opened a warehouse in Chao Yang District, Beijing, China. In 2006, we participating in Shang Hai Bauma Expo, taking as a small step of firmly establish in China.

With this success, J.R. Group looked to make further inroad by moving in a high-tech sealing machine, Seal Master, from Austria. This is because we understand our diverse consumers’ demands. As the leader in the global oil seals industry, J.R. Group’s business started from a small office. Until today, J.R. Group is one of the best recognized brands in oil seals industry with owned of branches all over the country. We are committed to delivering sustainable, profitable growth for decades to come.

Our specialization includes seal products for automotive purposes such as Auto Oil Seals, Double Acting Seals, Oil Rings, Industrial Seals, Mechanical Seals, Floating Seals and others in all around Malaysia. Due to our specialization, we always thrive to ensure that our products such as the Auto Oil Seals, Double Acting Seals, Oil Rings and many more are of genuine and high quality that can be distributed around Malaysia.



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