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Meister Plastic Industries (M) Sdn Bhd 199401033469 (319152-D)

Lot 7748, Bukit Cherakah, Kampung Baru Subang, Seksyen U9, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel  :  (603) 7859 6867
(603) 7831 5368
H/P  :  (6019) 663 7368
(6019) 993 1314
Fax  :  (603) 7831 5368
   (6010) 963 8326
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Mon - Fri
9:00am - 5:00pm

Our company was newly set up with 3 units of plastic injection machines only at year 1995. Since our company is newly set up, thus the business volume was low for the past year, this is common for new business venture due too high operating cost to initiate the business. To-date, the manufacturing sector has experienced strong growth, ours machine have been increased to 16 units. We have gained much supportive, reputation for quality production and amicable customer services. 
We have a total staff force of about 40 workers for the whole business operation and production is running 24 hours daily. i.e tow rotational shifts and the machineries sighted at our factory includes 7 injection moulding and the 9 blow moulding machines, etc. Daily operation the activities of manufacturing plastic pats for electronic and electrical parts, engineering parts, packaging, namely containers, shampoo containers, lotion bottle, bottle for the food industry, pharmaceutical and lubrication industry.
Within the two years go our operation, we intend to operate in maximum capacity with all the 16 machineries. We are planning to hire more machines to double our production  capacity in the efforts to accede to the increasing demand of plastic moulding parts in support of the growing packaging and food industries in Malaysia today.
We are anxious to extend the market for our plastic manufactures, which at present enjoy only a limited sale in Malaysia. In our future proposal, we suggest to expand our business to overseas like Singapore, USA, Australia and etc.
In this respect, we hope that our expansion will be enable us to have our own factory (40,000sq.ft - 60,000sq.ft) In order to meet this goal, we need s much supportive form the market, besides that it will contribute to Malaysia's economic growth and development.

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