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Perniagaan Timbang Sing Hoe was established in 1991and restructured in 1st July 2008, become Sing Hoe Weighing Equipment Sdn. Bhd.  Now the company has develope as a sales and service organization featuring a complete line of scales, test devices, weighing systems, and food processing mechinery.  We install, test, and calibrate equipments at the customer’s site.

The  company’s sales and service operations are leading by the charismatic founder, Mr. Yong Sing San, who has 32 years of experience in the industry.  Our staffs are experienced and professionally train to provide state of the art industrial weighing applications in production and processing.  We are currently servicing wide range of companies in various industries, including pharmaceutical, hospital, biotech, chemical, agriculture, retail, and food. We provide on-site application and software support, and we thanked our customers for their trust and maintaining a long term business relationship with us.

Besides, we provide documented scale calibration and repairs traceable to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, complete with “Certificates of Calibration.” We also offer regular scale inspections and preventive maintenance to insure accountability and a history of every scale.

盛和磅秤商成立于1991年, 并于2007年7月1日重组易名为盛和磅秤有限公司。迄今,盛和已经发展成一个具规模组织的磅秤衡器公司,除了销售各类型的磅秤、衡器及食品加工机械外,盛和也一并为客户提供安装、测试,维修及校对设备等服务。


此外,我们也有提供符合国内贸易和消费者事务部标准的磅秤维修和校准服务。 我们也提供定期的全面性检查和预防性维修服务,以确保磅秤衡器时刻都保持最精准的状态。



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