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About Us

We are a Machining Company with major specialization in Thermal Sprayed Coating Technology. We also provide the following auxiliary services: sand blasting, general lathe work, milling work, cylinder grinding, welding etc.

Thermal Sprayed Coating is a unique technology that spread a thin layer of strong metal coating upon the surface of mechanical part with good bonding property. The metal coating is strongly bonded upon the surface of the mechanical parts will restore the diameter/ width to its ORIGINAL MEASUREMENT size.

This restoration is required for optimum functionality of the mechinical part as it has little tolerance for diameter size change. This is especially true for high speed mechanical part, eg. Bearing housing, valve pulley, sleeve etc.

2 factors that cause the reduction of the diameter/ width size of metal part:

1) Constant wear and tear
2) Corrosive environment

Without this remedial work the mechanical part will be scrapped and immediate replacement can’t be avoided.
Restoration will cost a fraction of the total replacement cost.

**Call us for our professional service. We may help to save your maintenance cost & time taken up to 95%.

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