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Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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Weblube Lubricant

Weblube Lubricant

WEBLUBE ct is a technically advanced low viscosity neat cutting fluid specifically formulated as a Carbide and flute and form grinding fluid. WEBLUBE CT is manufactured from severely refined enhanced high viscosity index mineral oil and synthetic base stocks, with added extreme pressure and lubricity additives. This produces excellent machining performance and extended wheel life, in many established flute and form grinding operations where a low viscosity fluid is required or specified. WEBLUBE CT low viscosity provides good flushing characteristics and penetration along with excellent filterability. The WEBLUBE CT system resists solubilisation of Cobalt and other transition metals. It also has very low odour, has high oxidation resistance, and is essentially colourless thereby ensuring excellent operator acceptability. WEBLUBE CT is also formulated to ensure it is low misting and low foaming in use, even when used in high pressure systems.

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